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Today I Love Summer Market Produce

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Today I love summer market produce and all the wonderful amazing things that are available right now. I love strawberries and garlic scape and asparagus and bacon and bread and maple syrup and so many other things. I love breakfast at the market as usual, and all the people I see there. I love how people are so friendly and how some of them will often go out of their way to say hi. I love Saturday mornings no matter what the weather is like but sunny summer Saturday mornings are the real best. I love sleeping in a little after a great Friday night of entertainment. I love that I got to catch up a little with Jocelyn Barth at her gig in Thornbury, that her life is going well and that she is getting more gigs with her band as well as doing guest spots with bands like the one we saw last night.

Today I love that we have plans to go pick strawberries this afternoon and I love strawberries. I love spending time doing gardeny things because it brings back fond memories of my childhood, though I don’t love spending too much time doing gardeny things ’cause that brings back memories of being in the garden working when the summer days were calling me to the baseball diamond and the trails through the woods and the lakes and bays and swimming and fishing and boating and hiking and … wait, I was just loving the garden, right? Well, I still love the garden, more so now that I’m almost grown up. And I love all those other things too. I love the smell of a kitchen filled with fresh things from gardens and fields and farms and woods. I love all the freezing and preserving that goes on. I absolutely love this time of year.

Today I love fresh cream. I love snacking in the outdoors on things I’ve found growing. I love good books, even if they’re children’s books. I love pie. I love the smell of blossoms that linger in the air still. I love the way the earth just keeps going even though we are not being kind to it these days. I love people you can count on to behave in certain ways. I love that when you think someone will act a certain way, they can still surprise you sometimes and rise above, and I love having my negative expectations revealed to me. I love people who are actually better than they need to be, as opposed to people who feel they are better than they need to be.

Today I love currently consuming countless coffees on sweet, sunny summer Saturdays.

Today I Love Summer Market Produce

Kelly Babcock

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