vintage transport

The view from my office this morning …

Today I love steering dragon boats. I love the way that little giant of a boat handles, the way good paddlers can turn it on a dime, the way it surges through the water and seems to be at home on the river or the bay. I love the view from the helm, and only miss being one of the paddlers when I see them digging in and driving the boat forward, or looking sharp and following the commands of the helmsman or the drummer. I love that the river is higher than last year, I love that it is still moving fast enough and is still fresh enough that it didn’t have that stagnant smell, and actually smelled sweet and riparian last night when we made our way up to the dam. I love that there is a harbor-front celebration coming up and that there is talk of a flotilla paddling from the harbor to the mill dam, and portaging around the dam and paddling into the park, and we’re thinking of taking the dragon boat as far as the dam. I love that if that doesn’t work out we plan on going up the river in kayaks.

Today I love that I’ve realized my plans are once again in flux, that I’m waiting for things to happen in order to know which way to jump, and I remember that the last time this happened, things suddenly worked out very well. I love that I am hoping that happens again, because “working out very well” is a great way to have things happen. I love that there is growth in the garden, pea plants are up and squash plants are spreading their reaching vines a little each day.I love that there might be strawberries soon, that they will be in the market in a week or two, and that there may be some in our garden this year, and if not, there will definitely be some next year. I love that when plans are on hold, gardens and other places can be great locations to wait in.

Today I love looking at new glasses. I love walking on new streets in pretty towns. I love giving in and having a cold soft drink in the hot sun. I love old cars that are still running. I love that we’ll be playing in a golf tournament on Friday and I love that that tournament is often the only game of golf I play all year.

Today I love sipping coffee while I write, and think about dragon boats and paddling, and admire old cars through the window of my Wednesday office.