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Today I Love Sparkling Rain Drops

raindrops, tomato blossoms
The garden in the rain

Today I love sparkling rain drops hanging from leaves and fronds and dancing on the tops of patio tables and deck rails and barbecues and adorning the tomato blossoms. I love that the Lady’s Mantle has suddenly reached up from a cushion of leaves and become a crowd of waving stems with leaf and blossom, yet it still cups raindrops like jewels on its pretty green dress. I love that Irises are everywhere and starting their parade of blooms, each group taking their turns and watching each other patiently. Irises are so well behaved.

Today I love that the sky seems to be light and ready to break when it is raining here and then when the rain takes a break, the sky seems to be heavy and threatening. I love that I am outside on the front porch yet again and the occasional rain drop is finding my bare feet. I love the spring when it can be full on summer one day and revert to April showers the next. I love that I am planning a short motorcycle ride today, even if it is raining, to take the bike finally to the mechanic to have it checked over for the season. I love that I have a big list of things to do before this weekend. I love that cutting the grass was on the list for today but it might not get done until Thursday now, darned old rain. 😉

Today I love that the rain is supposed to clear up in time for the Tuesday night dragon boating. I love that it is actually supposed to clear up in time for me to go down to the slip and bail out our brave little boat before her wings arrive to take her flying across the water. I love our dragon boat and that she is so sturdy and stable, and that’s important to me, given that I sometimes have the job of standing up in the back and doing my best not to fall in. I love the feel of her under my feet when we’re maneuvering in the river. I love that I am just dying to find out how shallow an area it can go through. I love that I might get that chance tonight. I love that I might have to get out and push if I beach the poor thing, ’cause that would be a funny sight.

Today I love coffee in the garden between rain showers.

Today I Love Sparkling Rain Drops

Kelly Babcock

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