ever green shrub, coffee

I swear I see a face in there

Today I love running errands and going to meetings to make things happen in my life. I love that there are still so many options for my future, and that so many of the decisions I make either leave me with the most possible options or actually provide opportunities for even more options. I love that I’m still looking for the right property to invest the bank’s money in. I love that they will pretend that they’re there to help me but we’ll both know they’re there to help themselves and if I get ahead then I’ll have more money to put in their accounts for them to work with. I love when the bank makes money because … nope, can’t make that one fly. I love when people I know and like, who work for the bank, get paid and make a living. I love that today I made a huge financial decision and bought soap. I love that that last sentence probably makes more sense with a judiciously placed comma, but I’m going to leave it as is ’cause that is some funny stuff right there.

Today I love that, though my arms are still buzzing from the workout two days ago, the plan is to go paddling today. I love that I’m trying to get all my chores caught up because there are big plans for this coming weekend and I want to be as irresponsible as possible, which is to say, I want to lack responsibilities, but not be lacking in responsibility. I love that the open road is looming in our future, that there will be some long conversations between the navigator and the pilot and I love conversations that have no driving purpose (no pun intended, well … maybe a little), those are the ones in which the richness of relationships are revealed.

Today I love sleeping in. I love working with words. I love when an odd word becomes just the very word that one requires, especially if I thought I’d never have a need for that word. I love the word, “pareidolia” and the funky things that I often see in patterns and objects, and how that word is the perfect fit for that. I love that that the motorcycle is hopefully going in for its annual tuneup tomorrow and then the road will be a place of two wheeled wonder once again. I love how many times a day I realize how wonderful my life is.

Today I love my coffee on the front porch again, while seeing faces in the little every green shrubs in front of me.