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Today I Love My New Glasses

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Today I love my new glasses and the fact that I can now read my phone on sunny days outside. I love that they are both progressive and transitions lenses so I can read, and drive, and photograph, and text, and spectate, and walk safely and comfortably without having to change glasses. I love that I still can wear my other two pairs of glasses, but I think they’ll just be spares now, since these ones do everything that the other two do together, and since I can’t wear the other two together … well, I think I’ll just mostly wear these. I love that it’s been years since I got a pair of glasses that were different looking from my last ones, and that the style I got was “prescribed” for my face shape. I love that I am almost as excited about these glasses as I was when I first got glasses as a child and discovered how well everyone else could see. I love that when I was six I had figured out the pinhole effect and its use for vision correction and used to look through my fist like a telescope to see the blackboard at the front of the classroom in school. I love that I don’t need to do that anymore, as cool as it was.

Today I love that this recharge week of mine is going well and that I’m getting excited about next week’s adventure to the big city of Ottawa.I love that we have lodgings booked in our nation’s capital on our nation’s 150th birthday, ’cause I’m hearing that there isn’t much left for folks who want to be there for that weekend party. I love being the helmsman on our dragon boat. I love when the water is calm and I don’t have to worry about my crew’s safety as much, but heaven help me, I love it when the water is a bit lively too, because it’s more challenging and it’s a betterĀ  workout for my core muscles just to stay standing on that little deck.

Today I love that the rainbow flag is officially flying in my little city for the first time in some years. I love that this month is Pride month and that many of my friends are feeling free to celebrate that. I love that, although we apparently have a long way to go, the atmosphere seems more welcoming with every day. I love that the bigots sometimes mistake me for being a homosexual and when they find out I’m not they kind of lose there footing in their narrow minded little “us against them” battle, ’cause suddenly “them” has some of “us” with them and that confuses them to have to try to think that through, and it is my hope that they will think rather than just repeat the hatred they’ve learned.

Today I love coffee in my Wednesday office with my new glasses.

Today I Love My New Glasses

Kelly Babcock

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