coffee, kayaks

Ready to paddle

Today I love my mother’s gardens and how she loved them. I love watching our gardens grow and thinking how proud and amused she would have been to see us so absorbed in our little plots of veggies and flowers. I love remembering the massive expanse of land that was my mother’s and grandparent’s garden, and how much work went into its upkeep and how much food came out of that acre or more of land and the half acre of potato hills. I love dreaming about the long summer days that seemed to go so slow and be so lazy, I love how I used to just wake up every morning full of wonder and awe at each day, and I love that I still do that in a way. I love that the gardens here give a wonderful and wondrous sense of contentment and accomplishment. I love how they keep us occupied and distracted at the same time, how they provide a bit of entertainment as we watch for each new germination of the tiny rows of seeds in the little raised beds.

Today I love that we were part of a mixed team in the Second Chance Kids charity golf tournament, that we had a great range of skill on our team from people who played regularly through a person who used to play regularly to one person who had never played before and, miracle of miracles, we won. I love that that sounds really impressive, but since winning involved having our team’s score card drawn randomly from the mixed teams’ score cards, it turns out that our score, which we lamented, was “good enough!” Ha ha.

Today I love that the toddlers next door have acquired an inflatable pool and water slide and the musical laughter that is floating over the fence is a thing of joy and a wealth of happiness. I love that breakfast at the market was Delicious, and that friends and strangers were all smiles and cheer. I love that so many people seem to be happy with their lives these days and I hope that this trend continues for them all. I love all the food plans and garden plans and plant potting plans that are being discussed with happy anticipation. I love that there will be more paddling today. I love that my arms are pretty strong these days. I love that on my list of firsts, I have “donate blood” written in and I’m pretty proud of having done that and pretty proud of having found out that I can give blood when I thought that maybe I couldn’t.

Today I love a good coffee recharge before heading out to paddle the river.