robin on a fence

Pondering the day, or maybe not …

Today I love morning sunlight on green summer trees. I love the way those tree’s leaves glitter like diamonds, Summer’s little light show for us to enjoy while the prismatic glitter of ice and crystallized snow is absent from our world. I love Summer’s sultry subtle ways, her warm and lush yet laissez faire attitude, her long lingering looks that suggest she’ll be around for ever when in reality, if we don’t seize the opportunity to court her she will be gone in the same flash that she’ll be gone in even if we choose to revel in her short lived promises of sweet, hot, heady times. I love Summer’s passions and her playful ways. I love the sweet smells of all of her perfumes, the blossoms, the rich scent of rain, the dry and dusty powder of her sweltering hot back roads, the rich and dank musk of her barely cool forest glades. I love the long and quiet melodies that are played by summer nights as they cool and ease out of the heat of the day. I love the sound of radios or TVs playing through living-room windows, pouring out on to front porches where old folks sit and try to catch their breath from the days tight squeeze of thick summer air and thin oxygen.

Today I love the peaceful call of mourning doves as they settle talk of troubles we will never understand. I love the warbling burbling sounds of robins as the fight and frolic and pounce on food that is hidden from us by the lawn’s thick grass. I love the long contemplative poses that robins strike on fences and roof tops, pondering life it seems, before bolting off on some new task of endeavor. I love the green crowns that the fallen columbine flowers have left behind to dry and burst and scatter seeds from. I love the easy way the day slides into being from the cool of the early morning.

Today I love the waiting road. I love the adventurer’s life I’ve taken on. I love that my new go to answer to any opportunity to go someplace or try something is almost always “yes” these days. I love shopping in second hand stores and finding wicked good stuff for next to nothing. I love how I’m never lost now because I have a new mantra, “What would Google do?” I love that I’m thinking of getting a shirt that says “WWGD”

Today I love drinking my morning coffee while contemplating the robin on the fence while he contemplates whatever it is that robins think about when they seem to go into brain freeze on the fence of or the roof or the nearest branch.