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Today I Love Maple Trees

maple keys
The keys to the party …

Today I love maple trees loading up with scads and oodles of maple keys and getting ready for their annual maple key launch and ticker-tape-style parade up and down all the streets that they populate. I see the one next door that sheds all its leaves on our lawn is getting ready to join the fun and I know it is excited about that by the way it shivers in the slightest of gusts. I love that the sedate old spruce on our lawn is trying not to look excited, making a valiant attempt to be mature, but it too is looking forward to the bazillion little green helicopters launching into the air and flying by. I love that I will be happy to see it also, though I may not be quite as excited as my tree friends are. I love the way the natural world is so easy to read and figure out, how their moods are written on their countenances. I love that the shrubs in the front bed are looking so perky, waiting to catch the show as well, and admiring the ability of their older cousin, the spruce, to put on its own dusty show of new growth. I love that all the flowers are giggling and laughing at being out and in bloom for the big coming party event.

Today I love big potential adventure plans that may become reality or may remain pipe dreams. I love that if these plans work out, then more plans will follow along. I love that, though I’m being cryptic, I’m also saying more than I really should, ha ha. I love that these plans have to do with how much I love where I live and my larger community. I love adventuring all over this area in winter and in summer, I love the sights and sounds and events that take place, love playing music all over and I love that my family made this area our home more than five generations ago, long before I was even thought of.

Today I love trying to figure out how to make my kayak track better and I’m amazed at all the different elements that go into stability and tracking and speed and ease. I love that I’m kind of kicking myself for not looking into all this before I got the kayak I got, but I also love that I’m pretty sure I would have gotten this one even if I had. I love that my father is feeling well enough to celebrate his birthday that happened over a month ago. I love that I got invited to that.

Today I love coffee in the wings as the stage is set for the big maple key event.

Today I Love Maple Trees

Kelly Babcock

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