dark skies in the back yard

The storm …

Today I love listening to thunder as I wonder when or even if I’ll get the grass cut this weekend. I love that I almost don’t care if I do or don’t, ’cause if I don’t the yard is gonna look like a meadow when I get home, and I love meadows. I love the rain and the memories it brings back of sitting, watching, talking, feeling safe. I love that the sound of the dishwasher fits in perfectly with the rain. I love that this morning when I awoke the sun was shining and what I could see of the sky through the window was brilliant blue, so I lazed around with coffee in bed. I love that it is dark enough now that we need the lights on in the kitchen to do anything much in there. I love dark gloomy mornings that started out sunny, I love that they make me think of sweaters and fireplaces and the front porch and my grandma’s back porch and my grandpa’s garage, and the old barn back home on the farm. I love the rain because it is the ultimate proof that there is a cycle to all things, and just because we can’t see the whole cycle of something doesn’t mean that there isn’t one.

Today I love that there is another Saugeen Sweetgrass and Thistle Concert Series show in Southampton that I get to MC today. I love that the music will again be local musicians, that there is a good mix in the series of local and out of town acts, that I get to participate in all of them by being the host, and that the people who organize these shows and the people who come out to these shows are wonderful supporters of the concept of community. I love that my community is so diverse and yet so singular, I hope you have found or will find your whole community and take advantage of the wealth of friendship that is waiting there for you.

Today I love fresh strawberries that we picked with friends. I love breakfast smells in the house. I love that a whole big bunch of the garden and the paths and beds got weeded yesterday and that I did some of that weeding too. I love chocolate covered candied ginger. I love that meals often have food and seasonings from the back yard in them this time of year. I love the way the birds know when to take to the air and when to seek shelter from the storm.

Today I love drinking coffee while the rain comes down and the thunder rumbles and booms.