poster for jazz show

Jazz is worth love …

Today I love jazz and the people who play and sing it. I love libraries that embrace their communities and offer space for alternative community activities such as … Jazz! I love my city’s library very much, from the newer more modern part to the stately old Carnegie hall that it started in, and I love Thornbury library and its funky architecture with its turret and its little gallery, and I love the way it holds concerts in the gallery, like the one tonight that is Jazz! I love that a trio from down the road in the GTA is coming to play tonight and I especially love that they had the smarts to bring along a jazz singer and that they had the smarts to choose my good friend, Jocelyn Barth as that jazz singer, because … Jazz! I love that I have tickets, and that today happens to be a day when one of us goes to Thornbury for work and since I can work anywhere I love that we are both here and I can pretend that we came first thing in the morning to line up for the show. I love that I have started the lineup here at my Wednesday café office.

Today I love that my new glasses were chosen to match my face, and as a result they are very different from my old ones, which were chosen to look exactly like the ones I’d had before so that no one would notice that I had gotten new glasses. I love that I am damned if I can remember why I didn’t want people to notice that before. I love that my new glasses have gone largely unnoticed, in fact, no one has said anything. I love that I have decided that that means they match my face so well that they seem natural.

Today I love being busy with things but not being in a hurry. I love that I have lots to do to keep me working today. I love that I have to steal a poster today and try to get it signed tonight. I love that my writing friends are successful in that they write. I love that that makes me a successful writer also, writers write. I love that it is a sweltering hot day here in the café. I love that that does not stop me from drinking hot coffee, I’m a mad, mad man. 😉

Today I love sipping coffee and contemplating jazz in the library.