coffee, golf clubs

Getting ready to go …

Today I love golf Fridays when the annual Second Chance Kids tournament is on. I love that I have never missed one of these and that includes the first two or three that were put on by the musical group Arrandale as a fundraiser for the charity. I love that there are years when I go to this tournament not having swung a club since the same time the year before, and it doesn’t matter because it’s all in fun. I love that there will likely be an auction component to the evening and they’ll likely ask me to do it again because retired auctioneers have nothing to lose, AmIRight? I love the fun and the joking around and I love a good excuse for spending the day outside. I love that I have been affiliated with this charity since it started and know it to be a good and honest thing. I love that I will be golfing on a new team today, because that old team was great, but this means where we had one team before, there is now two made up of the original four and four new golfers. I love that this tournament is so popular that we are almost always fully booked.

Today I love that there is a slight chance of rain today, but mostly in the evening, and besides, what’s a little bit of rain gonna hurt? It just adds to the adventure. I love that I can’t tell which arm I gave blood with, I remember it was the left one, but there is now pain or weakness in it. I love that the weekend starts early for us, and we could use a longer weekend right about now, so this is perfect. I love that I will be bringing my own beer because they never have my brand. I love that, since my beer has no alcohol in it they don’t care.

Today I love that there are soft plans to enjoy this weekend, and there’s no chance that everything will get done, but that’s okay, because all of the plans are great so we’ll enjoy it no matter what we do. I love that the gardens will be getting some attention this weekend, that the market will be gotten to, that there will be some paddling, and that there will be time spent with friends.

Today I love early morning coffee while packing up my clubs.