coffee maker


Today I love free breakfast at the hotel. I love that I drove close to three hundred miles yesterday and I feel fine today even though I’m not used to that kind of long distance driving. I love the sights we saw along the way, the Long Sault Parkway was amazing and the high water along the St. Lawrence was really surprising, it made the land look like it was sinking. I love that so many hotel rooms have Keurig coffee makers in them because, even though I hate the garbage they create, we have been bringing reusable filter cups and ground coffee with us and that means I can drink all the coffee and be my usual self. I love that from the window of the hotel room I can see planes taxiing back and forth on their way to and from the airport here, but that for some inexplicable reason, I couldn’t hear them all night long and I slept like a rock.

Today I love that everything runs smoothly or it runs rough, and when it runs smoothly it feels right, and when it runs rough it provides us with the opportunities to make things run better, smoother, with more ease. I love that people will let you know when things aren’t running right and if you listen, they are telling you their hopes, a little bit at a time. I love that sometimes peoples hopes are hidden in their complaints. I love when people hope for the best for others, even if they don’t ask those others what they want in life, they are still showing love, just maybe misguided love.

Today I love new shoes that fit. I love that I’m looking forward to the drive home because the drive here was so much fun, though I am not wishing the weekend away. I love that all we ate all day yesterday were sandwiches we made ourselves and brought with us. I love that the weather for today has gotten decidedly better than it was supposed to be and though there is still supposed to be a little bit of rain this evening the day should be wonderful. I love that there will be a little bit of rain this evening because rain on a wedding day is good luck. I love finding the best parts of every day and letting the rest go.

Today I love coffee in the hotel room from the hotel’s coffee maker and my coffee.