traveling coffee maker

My coffee maker …

Today I love early starts to my day. I love sleeping well, even if I don’t sleep in. I love waking up feeling rested. I love having the morning to myself, even though I’m not a “by myself” kind of person. I love the well manicured little street we’re staying on and the fact that the house we’re staying in has eight bedrooms and seems to go on for ever, even though it’s just a suburban build in a reasonably new subdivision. I love that the day’s sunlight starts and ends twenty five minutes earlier here. I love that apparently, the rain will come and go for the next three days and the weather will play nice on the day we’re leaving. I love seeing new places in the rain, love to see if their spirit ebbs or flows in inclement weather. I love rainy days. I love dark light that scatters in an impressionist way in the rivulets and raindrops of wet days. I love rainy day people that cannot be subdued by things beyond their control.

Today I love that adventure may or may not await, that I am in a strange town (strange as in unknown to me) and I may find time to go exploring or I may just end up working most of the day. I love a day full of possibilities. I love that I can just let it pick me up and carry me in the flow of its time. I love finding my way around new places. I love that Google maps seems to give different choices for different people to get from the same “A” to the same “B” based on their travel history. I love that someone will see that as an invasion of their privacy and there will probably be a big anti Google maps movement soon, when it turns out that “chem-trails” really are just condensation. I love being able to talk to someone, even when they’re busy with stuff, by using text and chat and having the conversation just move along at its own pace. I love the way a conversation can pop in to my work day and then just pop back out again for a while. I love the way the world now interacts socially.

Today I love home made banana bread. I love fresh strawberries. I love the possibilities of empty kitchens. I love looking at dirty laundry piled beside the suitcase and thinking, “Don’t have to wash that shizzle ’til I get back home!” I love quiet mornings in full houses.

Today I love coffee in an empty strange kitchen.