hammock, book, glasses, coffee

There is a time to write, and a time to read

Today I love Doors Open Owen Sound, the weekend when many things that are not normally open to the public for free are, well, open to the public for free. I love that there are some really interesting things to see in this town, like the old, old, old mausoleum at the cemetery; the underground, catacomb like filtration system that was used to clean water for the town many decades ago; the lawn bowling club; and some of the more interesting buildings around this comfy, friendly berg. I love my town and Doors Open and Jane’s Walks are the greatest display of the wealth of our culture and recent history.

Today I love that it is June, a fact confirmed by the calendar. I was going to say that I loved that it was June yesterday on the first of the month, but I decided to wait and see if it stuck. There’s nothing worse than a month that threatens, then arrives, then recants and recuses itself. June has now been confirmed and has sworn to stay on until a replacement can be found. It’s a close race, but July is said to be in the running and some pundits put it in the forefront. I love toying with words on sunny June mornings. I love that the garden gets better every day. I love that the plants that we bought that got eaten by the rabbit before we could plant them are coming back. I love that I have fenced off the things that rabbits like to eat. I love that we are going to try to grow strawberries, but that apparently won’t stop us from buying them by the flat when our local ones are in season soon. I love that we are hoping for some squash and herbs and a few other things to come up, peas and beans and spinach as well.

Today I love market day. I love making plans to spend some time reading tomorrow. I love that there is music in this world and that some of it comes from me. I love that when I’m done here for the day I might end up out on the hammock in the sun for a while. I love that the biggest fear I have today is falling asleep in the sun. I love that I won’t likely do that, though I am yawning happily as I write.

Today I love consuming cups of coffee in the warm light of a decidedly June day.