coffee by the window

Coffee love

Today I love discount avocado guacamole, not the actual guacamole, but the phrase. I love that it struck me as a great title for a book. I love that the guacamole tasted pretty bland instead of being as horrific as it might sound, and I love that it is getting eaten and I love even more that I’m not the one eating it, though it would probably be good for me. I love that it reminds me of that witty aphorism that says that, “vegetarians live an average of five years longer than other people, five, long, miserable years.” I love that humor can be found in so many situations. I love that we forgot the basket of seeds outside and it rained through the night and now many of them are soaked and will either germinate or rot unless we plant them and we haven’t the room for all of them … well, I don’t love that, but I love that we’ll look back on it and laugh about the summer we tried to grow way too many things in way too small a space.

Today I love that this rainy and dark morning matches my mood almost perfectly, so now, even though I am alone today I don’t feel quite so lonely. I love that I have this day for company. I love that there are people who know what is needed of them and step up to the tasks that are put before them. I love that I know people who know family is important and who make their presence known when loss occurs, people who make sure they are there to do what might need to be done, people who know in their hearts that goodbye is a part of life that deserves respect and honor. I love that my family is made up of that kind of people, and I love that I have a friend who is like that as well.

Today I love mourning doves calling their low sad call on a grey raining day. I love goodbyes that are really promises to say hello, again, and soon. I love the pull of hearts as they ease away from each other, the tugging that feels like it will tear the fabric of together, and the knowledge that it will mend again so quickly when proximity allows. I love standing in the driveway, watching taillights recede in the haze of grey mist, and savoring the feeling of knowing why I am lonely already.

Today I love coffee sitting close at hand while I ponder the wonder of love.