Rideau Canal view

Hanging at the water front …

Today I love best intentions and the fact that that is the most anyone can have going in to any situation. Sometimes, no matter what we do, our efforts fail to create the perfect result, our work falls short of making the difference we were hoping for, but if our plans were honourable and our understanding of the situation was unbiased even if incomplete, then forward motion should be achieved, and if it isn’t, then best intentions will not allow us to accept the results as even temporarily acceptable and rectification will follow immediately. My country has made mistakes in the past, sometimes with actions that did not have the best of intentions. I love that we are now more likely to to make honourable plans and accept only positive results and even when those results are positive yet not enough, continue to make honourable plans. I love that this to me is what I call the best of intentions. I love that Canada, as a nation, will be 150 years old tomorrow, but that my country is populated by people who have called this country home for tens and probably hundreds of generations before Canada was a name. I love that the lion’s share of honour that my country lays claim to is because of these honourable first peoples.

Today I love that I am in Ottawa still and having mildly irreverent, yet decidedly patriotic fun here. I love that I made fun of the Canada Mint yesterday by suggesting that mint was an odd flavour for a building. I love that there is a coffee shop here in Ottawa that is called the “Ministry of Coffee” and that, as a proud and true Canadian I of course had to have a cup of coffee from that obviously worthy government agency. I love that I am resting my legs as I write this and getting ready for another long day of touring around Ottawa on foot before it gets really crazy for the birthday party.

Today I love nautical words like bollard and gunwale and chine log and halyard, and yes that is absolutely because I’m sitting looking out at yachts and tugs lining the Rideau Canal. I love that so many people are here in the capital for tomorrow. I love that yesterday I came across an unimposing building that reminded me that the capital city is still a city in its own right, ’cause I found Ottawa City Hall.

Today I love sipping coffee by the Rideau Canal.