canoe named Ottawa

Canoe see where I am?

Today I love being in the capital city of my country, Ottawa. I love that it is a big city with lots of things to see and do. I love it’s familiar sort of feel, even though I’ve only ever been here a few times, because it is my country’s capital. I love that I, like all Canadians, own this town. It is mine. Not the buildings, not the streets, though in a very real way I am one of the owners of these streets and many of these buildings, but I am an owner of the spirit that is Ottawa, because it is my national capital. I love that it is an absolutely capitol capital. I love that it is 7:30 in the morning and I have the whole day ahead of me to wander around and see what there is to see that I’ve never seen before. I love that I’ve already seen some sights just driving in to the city, and that I’m going to some websites to look up other sites where sights can be seen here. I love that I have discovered that I can love a place I’ve only ever passed through before, just because of what it means to me as a citizen.

Today I love that I now question every reason I have for not doing things. I love that I have chosen to put myself in the path of opportunity. I love that I am now as likely to decide on which fork in the road to take based on which path looks like it offers more adventure. I love that I am free to make my way in the most interesting manner because I chose to be this way, which means that I always was this free, but was held captive by my restraint. I love that I still recognize this restraint in me, but I push at it a little more each day and the realization that it moves when I push at it is its own kind of freedom.

Today I love that I’m about to go find breakfast but have no idea what or where that will be. I love that I am in the lobby of a huge convention center and there’s a canoe here, makes me feel at home. I love that there is such sweeping and elaborate architecture in big cities and this one is no different. I love how diverse my country is, that a week ago I was, by invitation, part of a show to promote community between indigenous people and settlers and now I’m bouncing back and forth across the border between our famous French province and our nation’s capital in a famous English province and I am feeling the the desire for community here as well. I love that community is what makes individuals feel both unique and not alone.

Today I love coffee in the lobby of a conference center while I “borrow” their wifi and admire their canoe.