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This café collects memories for people

Today I love being early for the day’s start, getting ahead of my tasks, banking work against coming deadlines, and feeling the freedom of time well spent in my wake. I love that the motorcycle is in for some maintenance, I love that I still haven’t changed the plugs but I’ll be doing that as soon as it returns from the shop. I love that I’m hoping to put some leisurely casual miles on it this summer, some beach trips and some sight-seeing and maybe a weekend or two away from the grind. I love that this weekend coming is already being planned with fun and adventure in between the obligations of an out of town family wedding, even though it has no motorcycle in it. I love that the road to the town that the wedding is in is full of adventurous possibilities. I love that time is just being itself and I am counting on it doing just that, while I just be me and get my stuff done.

Today I love that whatever happens in a given day that may be bad or wrong, whatever thing that may leave a person hurt or heart broken occurs, it can only break a heart if that heart has suffered a loss, and a heart can only suffer a loss if it had a gain, and the gains of a heart are never really lost. I love that loss only tells us what we love, it only reminds us of what we adore and we can never lose what we had, only what we might have had. I love that we will always have our past, and every rich and wondrous part of it will still belong to us. I love that my past has led me to this point in my life where I am rich in love and life experience and wonder and hope.

Today I love that I am surrounded by people in my Wednesday café who seem to be strangers and are getting to know each other. I love that life stories are being exchanged, that passions are being revealed, that the wealth of experience is being shared on every side. I love when people find each other and give each other the permission to share, the indication that their stories will be welcomed. I love to watch friendships spark and catch and burn warmly, even if they are just temporary fires along the road. I love that roads are such a prominent part in our lives, the roads to places, the roads to each other, the roads of our lives and the intersections that are found along those roads make for a wonderful and love worthy universe.

Today I love coffee on the road of life.