empty bowl, milk, coffee, patio table

Brekkies al fresco

Today I love water and the way it quietly makes up half of my home area. I love that I can’t go very many places without the shoreline affecting my path. I love that many places that I like going to are actually on a shore and I love that my favorite pass time is being in, on, or by the water in whatever way. I love boats, from the biggest of ships right down to my new, little, ten foot kayak. I love that we were out paddling on the river last night and it was calm and still and the smell was so riparian and sweet. I love that a fish jumped less than five feet from my boat, and I’m calling that a sign of good luck. I love how light and fast the kayak is, and though I love my canoe, I can see that I’m going to have to add more paddling time to my proposed schedule so that I get enough time out in both of them and in the dragon boat. I love that none of those boats paddle the same, so I have to be aware of what I’m doing all the time and that means paying attention and that is always a good idea when I’m on the water.

Today I love breakfast out on the deck in the sun with the sweet smells of the yard all around me and the happy songs of birds filling the air. I love that I saw the early bird today and I know it was the early bird because the early worm was hanging from his beak. I love that I am an early bird and not an early worm. I love that there will be music today in the form of practice. I love that we’ll be the costars of a kitchen party show in Southampton this month. I love that the other group is Scatter The Cats because they have a great reputation and they really love what they do. I love that this is another show in the Saugeen Concert Series and that I get to be the MC for that series. How great is that? Pretty great.

Today I love blossoms everywhere. I love orange soda. I love homemade cookies. I love the steady march of time as it unfolds into the weekend. I love that I’ll be recording another podcast with my friend Jennie Friedman again today. I love that today is so busy. I love having nothing to do, but I haven’t had nothing to do in a long while so I just get to dream about that one. Ha!

Today I love sipping coffee in the after breakfast moments on the deck.