coffee, plants, earth

coffee and the promise of a garden

Today I love this exciting Saturday and its potential to be an absolutely glorious day. I love that today is full of fun things so far, including a trip to the market for breakfast and all the groceries, folding origami cranes with friends, buying plants for the garden, loading gear for the show tonight and eating Syrian food for lunch. I love that we are still looking at going to the driving range to get into the swing of swinging a golf club again before the upcoming tournament we’re playing in early in June. I love that we’re also going to the composting site to get another load of earth for the garden and then we’ll be doing what we can around the house before heading out to load in and set up for the show tonight. I love that the show tonight is a kitchen party, a ceilidh (pronounced Kailey) of sorts that were performing with a wonderful country dance band called Scatter The Cats. I love that I’m more excited about this than I thought I’d be, this is going to be fun. I love that I get to be the MC for the show as well as being part of the show. I love being on stage, guess I’m a bit of a ham, eh?

Today I love that I’m so busy these days. I love that we’ve got all the gear we need to put on a show anywhere that there’s a power outlet. I love that people are asking for the band to perform and we’re trying to fit that in as much as possible. I love that I have so many things in my life that I love and more keep showing up. I love that my doctor told me to live my life “joyously” and I agreed to try and it just gets easier each day. I love how that works. I love that my friend Amy has taken up kayaking and is looking forward to giving it a real go soon. I love that it is something one can do for twenty minutes or for days on end. I love that if I had to choose between kayaking and golfing today I’d have a hard time of it, so don’t ask me to go kayaking, ‘kay? I’ve got this driving range thing set up already.

Today I love Syrian food that is like pizza pockets with great fillings. I love that even though I hate cilantro, I can eat it these days and not gag like I used to. I love that I now look at hot peppers with an eye toward adventure instead of telling them to talk to the hand because I can’t tolerate them. I love seeing families with children dressed up and out on the town.

Today I love coffee in the promise of a garden, sipped in between things getting planted.