farmers' market

Sunny spaces between the booths …

Today I love the sunny kitchen window and the wonderful, warm light that streams in through it, heating my back as I lean against the counter and sip my first coffee of the day. I love that there are children laughing in the house this morning, that the piano is ringing out with cheerful and never before heard music. I love that there are joyous noises echoing from room to room as the children search, and find, and wonder about all the things that are new to them. I love the easy way the day has begun with calls and responses between them, saying things that are new to them but have been said by children for ever, words that, no matter how different from other words spoken between siblings before, simply mean, “Where are you, I’m over here. Come see this.” I love the bubbling, crackling, popping sounds of a house full of children on a Saturday morning, even if the house full of children is just two, because children, like any other enterprise, will expand to fill the space allotted to them.

Today I love the Farmers’ Market and the fun of showing it to guests from out of town. I love that I either know everyone I meet there or I know of them or I know someone who knows them. I love that there is so much to see and do and buy there. I love that we went through the place today with an eye towards figuring out what we’d buy next week, but we still came away with a full market bag, overflowing with bacon and eggs and bread and other things. I love that we ate breakfast there again. I love that we ate outside for the first time this year. I love how welcoming and easy the market is.

Today I love that there is a chance that we might go paddling. I love that there is a chance for a road trip. I love that there is at least a dozen things that might get done in the sun on this glorious day. I love friends visiting, people talking, updates of friends being shared. I love that everything gets done with chatter and talk when there is weekend company in the house.

Today I love drinking coffee with my breakfast at the market with our guests, in the sunny spaces between the booths.