sunny table

Good morning breakfast …

Today I love the sunny breakfast table and the way it kept me stuck there like a fly in honey for sweet moments of soft thoughts about the day just passed and the one I’m now in. I love that there is so much to do over the next six or seven days and that I’m looking forward to finding the love in all of it. I love that when I’m busy it’s so easy to find love. I love that yesterday I paddled on Lake Ontario with a great crew of dragon boaters, that I got to take the helm for a short while and that I’ve been pronounced ready to practice steering on my own. I love that this is a big first step to being certified as a dragon boat helmsman. I love that our own boat will be going into our bay for the season on Tuesday evening this week and that we plan on taking it out for its first paddle around the harbor. I love that it now has a proposed name, all boats need something to aspire to. I love that it is a Chinese Dragon Boat with a proposed Celtic name, because, why not.

Today I love that I survived the weekend and that I finished it off with the best part, attending the “Cottage Reads” evening at Kemble United Church where I grew up and where I learned to sing. I love that I get to go back there twice a year to do what I love and that they welcome me and my stories of the village’s past. I love that whenever I return, I feel like I am coming home. I love that my heart and soul sing out quietly and beautifully inside me whenever I am rolling into that little place and past the home farm. I love how much my heart rate quickens when I entertain the idea that someday I might move back.

Today I love homemade granola. I  love barbecue plans for supper. I love that the thirty plus year old lawnmower that I’ve kept running and that needed more attention than I could give it this year is ready to be picked up and will once again be the featured piece of equipment in my lawn maintenance program. I love that there is celery growing in the back flower bed that came from the base roots of celery that we bought at the grocery store. I love that, even though we have way too much chives and garlic chives and green onions growing around here, we have planted more of them, because we love to see things grow. I love that the rhubarb is thriving with vigor and ambition. I love birds calling in the brilliant sun.

Today I love coffee at the breakfast table in the sun while thinking out the day.