kayaks, water, shoreline

Tuesday night is paddling night …

Today I love the quiet of the bay when it is calm like it was last night. I love the beauty of the strength of the water, held in by surface tension, like an athlete’s muscles twitching in their sleep. I love that, although we didn’t take the dragon boat out because too many paddlers were missing, we got out on the water anyway. I love that I seem to be able to keep a kayak upright, though I’m still a little wobbly, and I love that it feels enough like my canoe to remind me of what that is like and yet different enough to be new and exciting. I love finding new ways to explore and to have adventures. I love that I accidentally left the house in my yard shoes and so I’m in the office/café in my knock-off-crocs (… mock-crocs?) and they are so comfortable I may end up “forgetting” to change into shoes more often. I love that I keep thinking about the ducklings that I helped rescue because, damn, I was cool. I’d love to know how they’re doing, but I guess just knowing I gave them a chance will have to do.

Today I love that it is foggy out, but that visibility was fine on the highway here to my Wednesday office. I love spooky scenes in the fog, trees that look like memories or ghosts, water flowing loudly but out of sight, birds that fly out of the grey murk across my field of vision and then disappear again into the near distance of the silver void. I love that the fog was foretold by a mist that was creeping across the water last night, but that couldn’t be seen except in the distance of the far shore. I love that I got to the gym today and walked the track for a few kilometers and did some curls at the same time.

Today I love dill, bacon, and spinach omelette sandwiches for second breakfast. I love that my shoulders are aching from the curls and the kayak paddling last night because that tells me I’m pushing it and that means I’m getting better, stronger, more healthy. I love that I’m looking forward to walking around town a bit today in my comfy yard shoes. I love the little child’s chair that was sitting beside my regular chair at the café today, all I need now is some tiny company to chat with.

Today I love sipping coffee and contemplating the sweet smells and sparkling vistas that one finds out on the bay on calm evenings in one’s kayak.