fog over water

Mist, or fog, or rain?

Today I love the gentle rain falling in such tiny droplets that it almost looks like dust. I love that it is so fine it’s hard to tell whether it is rain or fog, but I’m going with rain because it’s definitely falling. I love that I made myself laugh yesterday when I thought there ought to be an old saying that went, “April showers bring May showers.” I love that water is such a large part of my life. I love that I’m pondering having a sticker made for my kayak that says “My other boat is a Dragon Boat.” I love that I’m pretty sure I can fix the cargo bungees on the older kayak today. I love that I got an electronics dry bag for two dollars that lets me use my phone while it is inside the thing, seriously, the touch screen and everything … well, everything except the camera part, ’cause that’s just blurry through the dry bag. I love that the garden is going to be great, even if the damnably cute bunnies are eating the strawberry plants. I love that today I get to figure out how to fence in the strawberry plants. I love that the outdoors is exploding from its long wintry sleep, leaves and blooms and new growth everywhere. I love the world, love this planet and its subtle, kind wonders.

Today I love that it is Friday and that means an open mic for me to host. I love that there are so many talented musicians and poets and story tellers out there and that we almost always get enough to fill out the two hours of open mic every week. I love that if we don’t fill the roster, I can fill in the time. I love making music, I love talking to audiences, I love being on stage.

Today I love raisins, cinnamon, and maple syrup on my oatmeal. I love socks that stay up. I love warm sweat shirts on cool days. I love when the fog cleans the air and I can breathe freely. I love the threat of summer, like the threat of ice cream, it is sooo good to savor. I love getting random jobs to do. I love that I can do so many different things, ’cause that keeps me from getting bored. I love working online. I love that the lilacs are in bloom everywhere.

Today I love the warm feeling of coffee perking up my soul while I watch the swirls of fog and rain and mist dancing over this pretty, happy, musical town of mine.