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Today I Love The Evening Shift

view from the stage
My view from the office last night

Today I love the evening shift and the different people who work it with me at different times and in different places. I love that being entertaining is all about selling the fact that I’m having fun, which is an easy sell because I learned long ago that if you act like you’re having fun, you are having fun. It’s pretty simple, but it really works and I love that. I love that last night’s house seemed happy and appreciative of the efforts of every act and we were able to feed off of that appreciation and give it back to them in song. I love that today will be a big day for me, I get to be an audience member at one show right after lunch, the host and an entertainer at the open mic right before supper, and the same old bouncing back row guy in the massed choral rock effort that we performed last night after supper. I love times like these, time and time again. I love that there are still two other shows I’m involved in after our final choir show tonight before the weekend is over, in two different places, seemingly for two different reasons, but always to build community. I love that there is so little in life that isn’t affected by or integrally part of community.

Today I love that the dragon boating season is coming up and I will get to paddle in Toronto this weekend and hopefully the snow that’s forecast won’t last too long and will maybe take a break while we’re out on the lake. I love being on the water, and this Sunday’s weather might well be a test of that love, but I’m sure that even if it’s painfully harsh out there, it will just whet my appetite for the same thing out on warmer water in nicer conditions. I love that I get to learn about being a dragon boat helmsman this weekend, I am looking forward to that. I love that I’ve never met a helmsman I didn’t respect.

Today I love that I’m definitely and deeply embedded in the weekend’s activities. I love the dark and cooling day that promises nothing less than to make us appreciate all the more, the warmer weather that is on its way. I love that the flower that I posted yesterday that looked like it had done a face plant in the dirt was in reality just doing yoga and was in child’s pose (or as I like to call it, tantrum pose) and has now been joined by one of its bed mates, though they are facing different directions. I love that my old lawn mower went in for its first tune up in twenty years and is going to cost me 60% of the price of a new mower, and I love that because I am willing to pay to keep it out of the land fill and it’s still less than a new mower which would likely last less than five years.

Today I love sipping coffee and fueling up for another run at engaging with three more audiences today in three different ways. Off to the office again …

Today I Love The Evening Shift

Kelly Babcock

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