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Today I Love The Cold Morning Sky

Cold comfort

Today I love the cold morning sky and its promise of weather meant to make us appreciate the coming warmth of summer. I love that once the day is well started and we accept its inevitable truth, we forget the options this day might have offered and revel in its reality. I love that we witnessed a coyote cross the road in front of us and that he was calm and cool as he waited for a break in traffic and moved confidently across the road when his chance came. I love that we are on the road to a clinic on steering for dragon boats. I love being on the road in the early morning and I love adventures that involve the water. I love that I love the water even though drowning is my most feared way of departing this world. I love that there is less of a chance of snow now than there was in yesterday’s forecast because, although I would love to have paddling in the snow as a credit on my CV, I’m happy to add that on another day and leave today for learning. I love that we are on the road and on time, that everything is going well and that we have a dry change of clothes should the lake prove to be too rough to allow us to stay dry. I love that this day will be a value no matter what, because we get to learn.

Today I love that last night’s show was great. I love the music of The Foggy Hogtown Boys and that they are a fine and friendly group of men who were happy to be a part of the Sweetgrass & Thistle concert series to support community and the Wesley United Church’s roof repair fund. I love that after we get home from this clinic I’m planning on performing at the Kemble united church and I’m looking forward to doing that if I have the time to.

Today I love Syrian market food for breakfast. I love my travel mug that keeps my coffee hot and seals up spill-proof. I love taking turns driving and I love highway 401 as long as it isn’t my turn to drive when we’re on it. 😉 I love my phone and its ability to let me write this post and still act as our GPS, getting us where we need to be.

Today I love coffee on the road in my spill-proof mug under cold, northern skies.

Today I Love The Cold Morning Sky

Kelly Babcock

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