tulips, columbine

All the flowers …

Today I love the blissful buzz of bees at the flowers and roaming around the lawn checking out all the blossoms that are spreading through the biodiversity that we’re cultivating. I love that there are tulips and columbine coming up side by side, one in full bloom and one beginning to flower. I love how when everything else is relatively dry to touch and sight, the lady’s mantle has beaded drops of water on it that look like gems and sparkle like prisms. I love the big old maple next door, covered in leaves, shading its roots and waving in the nearly nonexistent breeze of this perfect, warm spring day. I love shaded front porches that offer the best views of the neighborhood as it passes by on its way to all the places it is going to today. I love being out in the early morning air, though I didn’t make it out early today, but the morning air makes it feel early and I’m dreaming that I didn’t dawdle on my way to this spot. I love that there is a rhythm and a music to the morning sounds out here, that it is quiet and hushed, but still detailed and rich with lush and easy harmonies. I love that the spruce out front is getting ready to offer a wonderful spectacle of new growth that will be as soft almost as velvet when it first comes on.

Today I love that last night’s show was such good fun. I love that we got to play beside such a polished band as Scatter The Cats, and their music fit right in with the kitchen party theme we were going for. I love that people talked to us during the intermission and made us feel welcome and told us that they liked the show. I love that our music was well received and that we have so much fun doing things like this. I love that there’s another gig coming up for us in a few weeks. I love that music is such a big part of my life. I love having memories of it from so very early. I love that music pleased my mother and that her children making music pleased her even more.

Today I love hanging out with musicians this afternoon, talking about music and the music business. I love the wildlife in the yard, the rabbits and squirrels and chipmunks and birds. I love that the lawn needs to be cut because I love the smell of cut grass and maybe I’ll get to that today.

Today I love drinking coffee by the bowlful on the front porch, while pretending it’s early morning and admiring the flowers.