garden beds, soil

Ahhh, renewing the gardens.

Today I love the backyard’s rich new look, with fresh compost and new topsoil in many of the raised beds and some of the spreading plants restricted and corralled. I love all the blooming flowers, and the plans for veggies and herbs that will fill the beds. I love that, even though we tore a mountain of chives out of the walkways, they are still green with small purple flowered plants that seem to have decided they with to be trod upon. I love that we took a great deal of stuff to the compost site and then picked up a half yard of soil there for free. I love that the old truck is still going, and that every time we use it it reminds me of how much I’m going to miss it when it is gone. I love that the lawn is waiting to be cut and that I have to do it today or I’m not going to get it done for the next four days and it will be so out of hand by then that I will have a struggle on my hands, ’cause that reminds me of when I was a kid and “had to cut the grass when i was told to” and I loved being a kid. I love that in so many ways I am still that kid today.

Today I love remembering the duckling rescue from Saturday. I love remembering all of Saturday and Sunday, the day trips and the stops we made here and there. I love that, even though we may never buy a cottage, we keep looking, and the odds are that some day soon one is going to come along that we just cannot say no to, and then we’ll be those people who are gone to the cottage all the time … maybe. I love that I want to go to Big Bay for homemade ice cream all the time and if you get there and you take my advice you’ll try the apple because it tastes like apple pie and ice cream. I love that if you go there and don’t take my advice, it still won’t matter, because you can’t go wrong no matter what flavor you choose, you only lose if you choose not to have any ice cream.

Today I love beef enoki rolls. I love saying “The Okie beef enoki swamp” just because I think that’s funny. I love that today is a big cooking day and food will be prepared for the rest of the week today. I love that I wrote today’s ADHD blog and Wednesday’s as well. I love that Montreal is our next distant destination and it will be more of a holiday than a purpose trip. I love that I am missing Quebec City and wanting to go back tomorrow or sooner. I love that I am determined that beautiful city will once again feel my footsteps some day.

Today I love quaffing coffee in a well renewed back yard.