coffee, daffodil

From face plant to game face

Today I love sweet spring rain falling gently on the front yard. I love writing outside, though it’s still a little cool out. I love watching the school buses going by, filled with the hopes of neighbor families all scrubbed and dressed and packed up for their adventures at school. I love that many of those children don’t know how much they’ll miss what they are doing now when it is done. I love that the gulls are wheeling and calling in the air overhead. I love the wonderful smell of the outdoors, love that the feel and the sounds and the sweetness are all calling me to come explore the world and I love that today i know I cannot, but tomorrow I know I will. I love that today is so busy as a direct result of my adventurous weekend, and that whether or not I get caught up, it was worth it to see the sights I got to see and do the things I got to do. I love feeling rather exhausted from two really full weekends in a row with very little rest in between them, because whenever I wonder about why I’m feeling tired, I go back in my mind over all the music and driving and paddling and traveling and visiting, and I wonder why I’m conscious at all. Ha!

Today I love that I have to catch up on my other blog but that I’m not feeling bad about that at all. I love that I have been writing that blog for over five years and it has been as positive experience in its own way as this one has been and will continue to be I’m sure. I love that that blog has helped me to become a member of a community, helped me create a place for myself in that community, and kept me thinking and learning about my mental health and helped me balance my life through some pretty tough times.

Today I love seeing kids walking to their bus stops in yellow plastic raincoats. I love that the white, double daffodil that had done the face plant in the front garden has gamely raised its face, though just a few inches off the ground, so that it may be the receiver of visits from insects that will help it to pollinate and propagate and continue on in this world. I love the sounds of all the birds, robins and jays and cardinals and gulls, calling constantly, each to their own kind, raving to each other about the wonders of springs slow and graceful transformation.

Today I love drinking coffee by the front garden, near the game and determined daffodil. I shall take up its example and raise my head enough to make this day the best it can be for me and my continuation.