cloud, sky

Soft clouds in blue skies …

Today I love soft clouds in summery skies. I love the way they drift by, never staying quite the same shape, first one might look like a tractor, and then it’s a dragon, and then it looks like something you can’t mention in a public blog that’s rated “G” … but that’s totally what it looks like and that’s pretty funny, and now it totally looks like a sword. I love that the day is left up to chance even though our weather prognostication abilities are so good, because the weather prognosticators are prognosticating that the weather could do anything. I love that today I’m off to the dentist and maybe today will be the day that they replace the gap in my face with a tooth. I love that I am looking forward to being able to chew my food just that little bit easier, even though I get by pretty good.

Today I love that last night we were out in the dragon boat and I was the helm and got to steer. I missed paddling, but I loved being able to stand up in the back of the boat and watch my surroundings, see the shore slip by, con my course and help the paddlers make the most of their efforts. I love that we have plans to try to slow the paddlers down so that we can go for long endurance paddles. I love the feel of a good solid boat under my feet or my seat, love being out in my canoe or kayak and I love being out in the dragon boat. I love that there are plans to have the dragon boat join the Flotilla in July to paddle up the river, and though we will not chance the portage around the dam, we’ll have fun going that far. I love that I am secretly hoping that we dress the dragon boat with its head and tail and bring the drum and everything with us.

Today I love cool, clean smelling morning air. I love that it is mostly sunny. I love cherries and blueberries in my oatmeal. I love that there is a chipmunk that runs across the front porch here even when I’m sitting here and he scurries under my seat and then disappears off the end and around the corner of the house. I love that I got the lawn cut yesterday and it looks pretty snazzy, except for a few headless dandelion stalks sticking defiantly up. I love the word “snazzy” just because it’s fun to say.”Snazzy.” “Snaaaaazzzzzy” Ha ha.

Today I love sipping coffee under the soft clouds on the front porch with the chipmunk who also likes the “snaaazzzzy” front lawn.