Looking good on a slow and soft day

Today I love slow starts that stay steady and take me through the the busy day to a point where it seems like everything that was important got done and a few other things that were just fun got thrown in as well. I love when the day is done and I feel like it was a win. I love that the back yard looks amazing and though I only helped a little, I enjoyed that and may find myself out there again soon just because there are a couple of things I know need doing and I love the sense of accomplishment. I love that the backyard is like so many other backyards, welcoming, but in its own way. I love that my bicycle is out and tuned up for the season, that the barbecue is working very well, that the hammock is ready to be hung out on a moment’s notice, and that the lawn got mowed and looks pretty stunning. I love that the lawn was left until the dandelions were done being pollinated by the bees. I love that my kayak is ready to go and that takes the pressure off of me to get the canoe fixed up, but I still love that canoe and am looking forward to it being repaired and ready to go.

Today I love music practice and getting ready for our show on Saturday night. I love that we’ll be sharing the stage with a band called “Scatter The Cats” because, what a great name for a country dance band. I love that we’ll be helping raise funds for Wesley United, a church from a community that I am fond of, because I have good friends there and I find the members of that community to be always friendly and accepting. I love that this will be our second year doing this show and that I get to be the MC of the whole series.

Today I love that I get to make the oatmeal for the week today. I love that I get to make lunch today as well. I love that I love to cook. I love that today is also dragon boating day and it looks like the weather is going to cooperate with just a chance of light rain and no wind or lightning. I love that the morning is waffling from sunshine to scattered clouds, but not offering the rain that was threatened by the prognosticators.

I love sipping coffee on sweet, soft spring days that start slow, just like yesterday, and this one today.