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Today I Love Skipping Stones

wild duckling
Duckling rescue: achieved!

Today I love skipping stones at Big Bay. I love that I got to help rescue two orphaned ducklings by pouncing on them and scooping them out of the water with a landing net. I love that they seemed okay with that once they were nabbed, but I still just set them down in the net, walked away, and left them for others to deal with so as to be less traumatizing to them. I love that they are going to a farm with chicks and a history of fostering orphaned ducklings. I love that that was just five minutes of an otherwise already wonderful day that included the first Big Bay General Store Home Made Ice Cream of the season, a drive up the peninsula to look at different cottages as potential investment, checking on the National Park at the Grotto to see what is needed to get in and spend time there, and the Summerfolk Tragically Hip tribute show performed by some of the great musicians and bands of our area. I love that there were many friends there, in the audience and on stage, and that we all appreciate that this community is so musical.

Today I love that it is raining gently. I love that I may not need to change out of my pajamas, though I think we may need groceries and I’m not going grocery shopping without real pants. I love grocery shopping, so pajamas for groceries is a fair exchange in my books. I love that we have alternative plans for rainy days and so we won’t waste the day. I love that part of those plans may include striking another “must watch” movie off of the list, or we may play golf on the Wii because we don’t want to go to the driving range in the driving rain and we need to pretend that we’re ready to play in a tournament in a few short weeks.

Today I love fresh bread. I love pancakes, and bacon & eggs for breakfast. I love that if we are lost, we are lost together. I love the fuzziness of ducklings. I love that I was able to actually catch those ducklings, ’cause man, they were fast. I love warm rain and I love sitting in the shelter of the front porch when it’s warm and raining.

Today I love sipping coffee and enjoying the feeling of having helped orphaned wild ducklings.

Today I Love Skipping Stones

Kelly Babcock

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