toronto city lights

Sayonara, Toronto, Bienvenue, Quebec …

Today I love Quebec City and I’m glad I am back here again this year. I love that I flew here because an hour and a half in the air, while far more uncomfortable than an hour and a half in a car, is an easy choice compared to eight or nine hours in a car. I love that I was proudly using my passport as my ID to fly even though I didn’t need to show my passport for a domestic flight and the very first thing that happened was I was delayed because I had forgotten to sign my passport … D’oh! I love that I will never be cool, but I’m cool with that. Ha ha. I love that we have a room with a kitchen in a tiny little building with only eight hotel rooms in it, but that it is part of the huge hotel that is next door, that it is more room for less money and that it feels more intimate and friendly. I love that I am here supporting my friend at Nationals for Masters Swimming and that the competition will take up some of our time and give us something to focus on but that there will be enough time to see some sights and explore. I love adventures like this.

Today I love that the flight last night was in a smaller airplane with propellers and I have never before flown on a prop plane, another first. I love that I am living out of my backpack and my camera bag, that my backpack is my carry-on, that it must be 22 pounds or less and that my backpack and computer weigh ten pounds together so I’m living this weekend on less than twelve pounds of clothes and sundries, and in order to keep my weight under the 22 pounds I had to put my computer’s power cord in my camera bag which came on board with me as my purse. I love that I’ve quit saying “murse” (short for man-purse) and am just saying “purse” and calling it short for “personal bag.”

Today I love horseradish mayonnaise dipĀ  with roast beef sandwiches. I love perfect flowers that bloom when they are needed. I love smiles that come suddenly and warmly to faces that bless this world with benevolent and sublime beauty. I love plans to explore cities and other plans to explore lakes. I love this planet and its wonders. I love to see the moon reflected suddenly from quiet flowing rivers far beneath the wing of an airplane.

Today I love drinking coffee while reminiscing about the beautiful view of Toronto far beneath me in the final hour of the day.