feet, hammock, sky

Blue sky wondering

Today I love people who care about their friends and acquaintances. I love the ones who go out of their way to make their friends feel secure. I love the people who watch to see what is making their friends happy and support those things on their behalf. I love people who fit their world around their friends and never try to bend their friends around their world. I love people who share joy and friendliness as part of their friendship. I love people who forget about their own agenda and make friendship their agenda. I love people who don’t have to work at friendship, they just do it, they just are it. I love people who know the value of friendship and don’t weigh it against any gain.

Today I love this warm summer-like weather, the soft, sweet breeze, the brightly shining sun and the trees bursting out in leaf. I love the summer time streets of small towns and big cities, pavement shimmering, cars shushing by, kids in clumps and people everywhere in shorts and skirts and sleeveless. I love the sweet smell of warm weather, the memories of bottled soda on the store step, plans for weekend challenges with others. I love laughter and cheering and music, always music, playing softly from somewhere, and then that one song comes on that defines the summer and you realize that it’s still just spring and you know you’ll be listening to that song all through the warm season and it will be the perfect, seemingly never ending summer. I love that so much of my youth and teen years is bookmarked by songs I still remember and still love even though some of them are pretty funny when I listen to them now.

Today I love blue sky wondering in hammocks. I love warm wind through the window in the morning before the alarm goes off, softening the edges of the steely thoughts that woke me. I love blueberries in purple stained porridge. I love busy weekends back to back that level out after they’re done and let me slide down the slope and into an easy weekend to remind me of both how much I love easy normal weekends and how much I love the wild and exciting ones, and so it seems I cannot lose when it comes to the way my days treat me. I love chatting strangers on the street who talk to me like we’re old friends because they know I’ll be here in the satellite office next week and the week after that and the next one too.

Today I love drinking coffee in the hammock looking up at the blue sky and dreaming.