coffee and damp weather

Rain and steam …

Today I love old perspectives. I love that I looked out the window this morning and saw the rain and caught myself smiling. I love that it took me a minute to realize that I was smiling because I was taught to as a child on the farm. I love remembering how, when a soft gentle rain fell on everything and just laid itself down easy on the land in a long slow descent, everyone seemed happy. I love that I used to think they were happy for the break, the change in work, but that my grandpa told me that the rain made the earth rich and the earth shared its wealth, using it to keep us alive. I love that I have loved the rain all my life, as much as I love sunny days, and with more passion. I love the grey, mottled sky full of racing cloud forms that scud past my sphere and head on to see other adventurous sights. I love that this little corner of the world is alive with life, that in the last few days I’ve seen pheasants and swans and ducks and a wild turkey and vultures and a beautiful heron. I love that we also saw some pigs, and cows, and horses of course, and a donkey. I love that I have seen the evidence of something big that is lurking in our bay and isn’t afraid of lime green kayaks (maybe should have gotten the bright yellow one?) and has no fear of surfacing and making noise behind my back and then disappearing before I can see it, leaving nothing but the growing ripples of a massive disturbance on the water.

Today I love that it is podcast day and music practice day and golf practice day if the weather clears up enough for the driving range to not be a miserable place to play around at, since I don’t have the time to go to a course to play a round at. I love that I blog so much because there are busy times in my life when I would not get to write if it weren’t for this.

Today I love fresh made banana bread. I love that there were children here on the weekend and they were lots of fun. I love that we’re going for another day trip up the peninsula on Monday, I’m looking forward to that. I love that I met my former pharmacist in the grocery store and that she has opened a new pharmacy and it’s close to where I now live and I think it might be time to move my prescriptions closer to home.

Today I love watching the steam rise from my coffee cup while I soak up the sweet atmosphere from the morning’s gentle rain.