Miller Lake

Hoping to paddle this lake soon …

Today I love this messy kitchen, even though I have to clean it up now, because it means that we were eating in it and living in it and living is what life is for. I love people who live life cautiously, because they then savor the adventures they embark on. I love people who live life with wild abandon because they have found the pace that makes them happy. I love people who live life joyously because they know the secret, that you only get one chance to live the one life and although it takes a lifetime to do, any part that wasn’t lived joyously is a waste. I love those who do not have the opportunity to do any of these things … yet, and I hope that one day they will have the chance. I love people who are working toward getting their lives to be adventurous and happy and joyous, keep going, you, you’ve got this. I love that it took me this long to do that, I love it taking so long because I appreciate it that much more. I love that I refuse to regret.

Today I love planning how to get out on one particular body of water with the kayaks. I love that there are a couple of access points available and that my plan is to paddle to a friends place from one of them. I love being on or in or near the water. I love watching the sun shine dancing on waves. I love the smell of open water and the way trees seem more relaxed and at ease when they grow near bodies of water. I love fishing, which is not surprising, given all the other things I’ve mentioned here today.

Today I love meetings and brainstorming. I love arranging gigs. I love attending other peoples gigs. I love that I could go to a show almost any night of the week if I chose to. I love making plans to make things work better. I love fencing in the veggies, ’cause apparently the rabbits love them as much as we do. I love looking at toys for kayaking; did you know you can get a deck organizer for your kayak? I love one of a kind stir fry dishes. I love moving forward with big plans, even if it’s just by small steps. I love when my scanner works properly, but I think it’s almost time for a new one. I love that this summer is likely going to be a fun one for me. I love that it feels like it’s already here.

Today I love sipping coffee while thinking about paddling on an old familiar lake.