rabbit, bicycle

Contemplating theft …

Today I love my imagination and the wonderful things it creates for me to laugh and cry at. I love that when I looked out into the back yard this morning and saw a rabbit my imagination saw him staring at my bicycle as if he were contemplating taking it for a ride. I love that I then watched that bunny steal my bike and fly off down the street on a joyride in my mind. I love that I knew that he would bring the bicycle back, so I didn’t have to call the imagination police on him, crazy bunny. I love that he seems oblivious to the pouring rain, sitting out in the middle of the lawn through showers and downpours and eating the clover and dandelion leaves. I love that there seems to be about a dozen rabbits in the neighbourhood and they may well have a population density that exceeds the human density in the neighborhood which would make us people a minority. I love the way Eastern Kingbirds look like little three or four inch hawks, sitting up, perched on different stakes and posts and branches, waiting for unsuspecting insects to fly by and then pouncing on them so swiftly. I love the robins, bobbling around the lawn looking for seeds and bugs and worms to eat. I love the doves calling mournfully to each other, and the jays and redwings shrieking about how tough and brave they are, until some chickadee spooks them and the flap off in an explosion of timidity.

Today I love that I have already purposely walked over four kilometres and that I spent thirty minutes of the time I walked also carrying and curling five pound free weights. I love that I am feeling my lungs getting stronger, though that means that there will again be nothing for the specialist to see once I finally get in to see him. I love that every year I feel like I can’t breath in the winter but I always get better. I love that I am one of the more rugged old guy I know, and I know some pretty damned rugged old guys..

Today I love sausage patties. I love that my new computer is supposed to arrive today. I love that my old truck is still managing to keep going though it has had some issues with ambition lately. I love that progress is being made on all fronts in my life, including my ability to travel the world. I love that I may well just decide to go to the least likely place that I’ve possibly never thought of going to, simply because I will soon be able to.

Today I love sipping coffee while watching bicycle pilfering bunnies contemplate crimes of passion.