Today I love lost emails because losing them reminds me that I hoard too much and I need to let things go. I love that even though I was feeling anxious about the corruption that happened on BOTH ENDS of the transfer last night, I went to sleep and slept reasonably soundly and woke up thinking, “Okay, I start from here!” I love how even when the worst possible thing happens, I am reminded that it usually isn’t so bad. I love finding my way around the new computerI love that it looks like I got the new system just in time. I love that this is the second thing I’ve written on it and so far I’m happy and not frustrated at all with it though it still needs me to find at least one piece of software in my office to make it fully functional for what I do. I love that I am Canadian and so I am now going to apologize for the fact that I have not yet installed my spellchecker so pleese fergive the bad spelt words, ‘kay? Thanks. I love that this cray-cray new computer is sooooo fast, when I ask it to load things, I swear it’s reading my mind and loading them in the background before I ask for them. I love the solid state drive that makes drive access so quick. I love that I now do not have time to make coffee while my computer boots up.

Today I love that this day is moderately busy and that is the perfect ramp up to a very busy weekend. I love that the weekend starts early, tomorrow night in fact, with a choir concert. I love that Friday will include a Mental Health coffee house at the Grey Bruce Regional Health Center in the early afternoon, then my own open mic at four, and then the choir’s second show at seven or so. Then Saturday is market day and me being MC out at the church in Saugeen for their event and then off to Pickering on Sunday morning for a dragon boat clinic and then hopefully home in time to make it out to Kemble church so I can perform there at their semi annual cottage themed night of entertainment.

Today I love sitting in the corner of the satellite office/café and watching the people who come and go as they purchase charges for their internal coffee batteries. I love homemade second breakfast to go. I love driving in the early morning. I love being stopped behind a school bus and seeing the different attitudes of the kids getting on the bus. I love that some of them bound onto the bus like they are being launched from a cannon and some of them kick gravel and dawdle like they have too much to learn at home still. I love that that the gym wasn’t too busy today.

Today I love that for every time you tweet the hashtag #breakthesilence our power generation corporation, Bruce Power, will donate one Canadian dollar to mental health initiatives here, and while that may not help many of you, it costs you nothing, and helps others, so I’m just going to say go ahead and do it, and tell them Kelly told you to. 😉

Today I love coffee, and that’s just the way it is.