misty moon

Under a silver moon

Today I love last night’s silvery moon and the way it hung in the sky, hanging, suspended, floating above the bank of clouds that lay on the Eastern horizon. I love that it looked like its own miracle, levitating, and that it reminded me of the wildly improbable balance that is now in effect in this universe where everything is just so and the world is the perfect place for us to be and that without the moon our orbit would not be what it is and our world would either be too cold or too hot or too wildly fluctuating between those two to support us. I love that we are all the product of chance or luck or devine intervention and that we have no proof of any of it beyond that we are suspended in this delicate web between possibilities that would end us in a flickering second … and yet, here we are. I love that there was a dawn today, that I was awake before the alarm went off, that I was rested and ready for this day. I love that I feel at home here on this little spec of land in this little dot of a town on this blip of a planet in this minor solar system in this galaxy. I love that I have the papers to prove that I belong here.

Today I love that tonight we fly to a different spec of land in a different province. I love that this weekend will be yet another adventure in my adventurous life. I love that what I’m doing has little firsts in it, but is still comfortable. Tonight will be my first flight to Quebec, but not my first flight nor my first time in Quebec. I love that there will be time to check out some sights and yet there will be things that need doing over the next few days. I love that life can be an adventure, even if all you do with it is write or paint of compete at something or walk or run or explore your neighborhood. I love that adventures can be as huge as leaving your country for a year to work at something you’ve never done before, or as small as going to get your very first library card, and yet adventures will always make your comfort zone larger and the world smaller.

Today I love cameras that work. I love carry-on luggage that isn’t overweight. I love comfortable shoes. I love clean clothes that smell good. I love packing.

Today I love coffee with dreams of a misty moon sailing overhead.