garden bed

Growing expectations

Today I love garden plans and long term hopes and dreams. I love that we have decided to grow asparagus because I love asparagus, especially barbecued. I love that we are going to plant garlic and beans and peas but we aren’t going to make a traditional garden with rows … yet. I love that we are talking about both spinach and kale because I love spinach, and someone else loves kale. I love that we agree that no one is perfect. 😉 I love that there are clumps of iris and tulip and hyacinth in the front flower bed, that we are hoping the milkweed will come up soon this spring, that there are at least two rabbits thriving in the backyard and that at least one of them has a taste for dandelions which means lots of food for that bunny. I love that the market was friendly and cheering today even though it is a cold, wet, and rainy day here. I love that we got a lot of things at the market and then went to the grocery store and now we are ready for our short week of mostly home cooked meals before we head out for another long weekend on the road at the end of next week. I love that I am contemplating the world and which parts need seeing first and which can wait. I love that every now and then I suddenly realize I have a passport. I love that I thought it meant that I could travel, but it turned out to mean that I belong somewhere and that feeling is the best,

Today I love that the choir shows went so well and we were all very happy with ourselves. I love that the open mic had a surprise visit from Sue Laver and she and her friend made the place ring with righteous and clear passion and music. I love that the Mental Health Coffee House went well and was a resounding success, even though it was cold and wet outside. I love that the tent provided shelter for that show, even if people had to bundle up a bit.

I love that today there will be music in Saugeen and that I will be there and will be the MC for the show. I love that the Foggy Hogtown Boys will be playing their beautiful bluegrass music and I do dearly love bluegrass music though I can’t seem to write the stuff to save my soul. I love mushrooms fried in butter with garlic. I love that we bought fiddleheads and they’re on the menu tonight. I love seasonal treasures and riches that come from fields and bush lots.

Today I love coffee while contemplating the future of the garden plots in the yard.