hammock in backyard

Lazy lawn …

Today I love fresh cut lawns and that oh so summer smell they give off. I love that yesterday included some hammock time in the back yard because after that weekend, I needed some recharging. I love that I loved every minute of that crazy, wild four days and that it was worth all the running and dashing about. I love that it will have been good training for this weekend coming up. I love that my new paddling vest looks for all the world to be safety orange, but in fact the manufacturer assures me that the color is actually mango. I love that I almost bought the lime one and now I’m looking at a kayak that is lime colored and thinking that I should have gotten lime and also thinking that if that’s my biggest worry, I have a great life. I love that I could spend more time on and in the water this year than I have since I was a youngster. I love thinking about when I was in my teens and my world was water and my thoughts all revolved around how to get to it and what to do when I got there. I love that the plan is to fix up the canoe this year if we ever get the time, find places to kayak, find places to swim, and find as much time as we need to find for the dragon boat club. I love that the club is such a friendly and casual club and is always open to people coming out to paddle with us and learn how it differs from kayaking and canoeing. I love that water seems to have always been a part of my life.

Today I love that every time we barbecue it is an adventure in food with all kinds of wonderful things on the grill. I love that yesterday there was asparagus and mango and eggplant and potato and ribs all cooking at once. I love that sometimes the side dishes aren’t grilled, but they are still cooked outside on the barbecue’s side burner. I love cooking outdoors. I love eating outdoors also, though when it is later in the day and early in the season, it is nice to bring in food from the grill and eat it at the kitchen table.

Today I love clean laundry on the way. I love finding ways to organize that make things work better. I love looking back on playing music back home on the weekend just past and smiling at how much fun it was. I love that we are putting the dragon boat in the water tonight. I love  that we planted that asparagus we were talking about planting yesterday and now we’re waiting … should be producing asparagus shoots any year now. 😉

Today I love coffee in the morning sun while looking out on the lovely, lazy lawn.