Université Laval

Coffee and a swim …

Today I love free university wifi at the Université Laval where the Nationals Masters’ Swim meet is being held. I love that I am here with the team from my wonderful little city and they are doing well to represent us on the Canadian National stage. I love that the observation deck at the pool is like a warm summer’s day, very humid and very warm. I love the swimmer’s serious moods which come and go with heats and races that each team member is involved in. I love that when one of them is finished a race and another one is ready to go they are all cognizant of the moods of the others and accept that they aren’t in the same place emotionally. I love that we are in Quebec City for this spectacle and I’m really happy that I got to come and see it. I love that each time I see a meet I am more determined to add swimming to my exercising, not at a competitive level, but definitely as a form of working out. I love that I hate chlorine, but it seems to only bother me after I’m out of the pool and less and less each time I do it.

Today I love that there are reservations for dinner tonight at a rather swank joint for the entire team … and me, and it promises to be an adventure, because some of us don’t speak French well and some of us don’t speak French at all. We fortunately have a former native of this beautiful province in our ranks, as well as a public school French teacher, so we are hopeful for the outcome. I love that there is a good chance that we will have some time to see some more sights today, that the restaurant is in the old town, so we will get a great taste of an old, old French community.

Today I love having a Keurig coffee maker in our room, and a grocery store just a half block away, so I have unlimited coffee in the hotel room. I love that it is about five degrees warmer here than it is back home. I love that the sun is shining today. I love that we are staying across the street from the university pool in a small hotel with only eight rooms, that is a part of the big hotel next door. I love this weekend and its grand adventure.

Today I love coffee to go at the pool at the université that is providing me with wifi for my work that I’m doing while watching my city’s team hunt for hardware and bling.