grey sky and blossoms

All the grey, all the cool, all the blossoms, must be spring.

Today I love frantic Fridays and the way they seem to set the tone for weekends full of busyness and fun. I love that I have plans in place to make my weekend a happy one. I love that those plans include all the regular stuff as well as going to see a great show, heading to the west coast (of my peninsula, not the continent), maybe paddling, maybe motorcycling, definitely gardening, and barbecuing, and having company, and anything else I can jam in there. I love how Fridays get to take the lead and set the tone for weekends and how well suited they are to the task. I love that Saturdays can pick up where Fridays leave off and keep going, and Sundays are perfect for winding down, but Fridays are the days that put on the uniform, load up the truck, drive the distance and deliver the goods when it comes to getting the whole thing rolling. I love that they don’t quit until Saturday arrives to take over and even then they often hang on well past midnight to make sure that things are on the right track. I love Fridays and their freaky, frantic, fabulous follies.

Today I love that there will be music practice and open mic today, both in the same day. I love that the weather has been bouncing from winter to summer and that we still have a way to go before the actual summer starts. I love that when the wind blew both my motorcycles over yesterday they seem to have suffered no damage.I love that my new kayak and I love that we paddled in the gloaming of Wednesday evening. I love that this summer is looking like it will be a great season of adventure and fun. I love that there are so many things to do.

I love the Syrian lamb sausages we barbecued last night. I love the dull grey, hazy sky today. I love that so many trees are green already. I love that blossoms are everywhere, that magnolias are in full bloom here now, that lilacs are coming out, that the tulips are taking over where the daffodils left off, and that the flower beds here are awash with aggressive creepers that I’m going to have to cut back soon. I love chocolate with caramel and salt in it.

Today I love the way that coffee winds me up and tunes me in much the same way that I tune my guitar, a little off, but the effort is always appreciated.