coffee on the porch again

Late but happy

Today I love early morning exercise that gets me up and going before the day properly starts. I love being at the gym at six AM and being out by seven. I love that it feels like I’ve done so much already before my day’s busyness begins. I love that I have so many ways to exercise, I love paddling in the dragon boat and paddling my kayak. I love walking with determination on the indoor track and on the trails around town. I love swimming, even in a chlorinated pool, but soon the weather will be nice enough to be able to swim in all the lakes and bays around my home. I love the beauty of the place where I live, this town, this area, these waters and hills and bluffs and escarpment segments, the waterfalls and the rivers and even the ponds and swamps, so many places to go to with trails through or beside or around. I love that I live in the perfect place for a person like me.

Today I love that last night we paddled from Kelso beach park up the Pottawatomi River as far as we could go before our way was blocked by two or three fallen trees. I love how serene and peaceful it is in river valleys, how it smells so watery and riparian, how it seems to be like another time in a foreign land. I love the rivers. I love how as soon as I was upstream a ways my heart immediately wanted me to be fishing. I love that we were on an adventure up the Bruce Peninsula today and as we were driving I was looking out for places to paddle and I found one that I really liked a lot, a lake called Miller lake with public access. I love that I should have known about it because I worked there for a couple of summers. I love that I’m wanting to load up the kayaks and go there right now, but I have to write so I’ll have to settle for this other love of mine.

Today I love leftover stir fry with all the vegetables, including that old kale stuff that apparently has to be eaten if I’m to stay healthy. I love ice cream made by happy friends who are then pleased with them self. I love the trees that move like lithe dancers in the soft summer breezes. I love that my work was held back today because my computer wasn’t charged and I was on the road unable to write and there is no rest more satisfying then an enforced one.

Today I love indulging in coffee in the afternoon while I try to catch up on my writing.