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Today I Love Brushed Aluminum Skies


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Today I love brushed aluminum skies with old pewter clouds and the polished silver disk of the sun shining through just enough to be seen. I love that the first thing I saw when I walked out of the house this morning was a pale white daffodil doing a perfect imitation of a face plant and all I could do was laugh at how sorry and sad it looked, poor thing. I love that there are things in nature that, if we are looking carefully and are observant enough, will teach us every lesson there is to learn in life, including humor. I love that Robert Frost knew that when he penned “Dust of Snow” and that the proof of it is in the poem for anyone to read. I love that on Saturday night I get to do what I love to do almost as much as singing, I get to MC the Saugeen United Church concert series’ very first show of the season. I love that it is called The Thistle and Sweetgrass Series because I am a thistle in every way. I love that I cannot decide between everything that is going on this weekend, if I’m most excited about singing with my choir, MCing the Foggy Hogtown Boys, paddling and attempting to steer a dragon boat, or performing at Kemble church on Sunday night with others who know what community is and know how to nurture it and make it grow.

Today I love that, pulmonarily speaking (is that even a word?) I am currently functional, according to the test I had this morning. I love that I always get to these tests in the spring when I’m fully recovered, so I’ve decided to book an appointment now, for next January, when I’ll be once again struggling to breathe. I love that I am not struggling to breathe. I love breathing. I love that I intend to continue to breathe, and sing, and talk and walk and golf and laugh and hike and swim and bicycle and paddle and play and live! I love living.

Today I love that tonight we sing, that my choir is ready and so am I. I love that the show will rock because we are the Rock the Sound Choir and you can’t take the rock out of us. I love how invested every single person in this choir is in doing this show. I love that the show will be great. I love that there just aren’t enough minutes in an hour, or hours in as day, or days in a week to get all the stuff done that is coming up, but I will squeeze it all in and make it all work as best as I can with the help of all the others around me.

Today I love morning coffee and daffodil face-plant humor.

Today I Love Brushed Aluminum Skies

Kelly Babcock

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