chair, coffee

Good old chair at home

Today I love being home. I love that although our flight was delayed, it was only late by an hour. I love how amazing the world looks at night from the air. I love that I’m pretty sure that was the first time I flew at night and both flights this weekend were night flights. I love how friendly everyone in Quebec was to us. I love that I couldn’t say “Bonjour.” without them immediately recognizing that I was English. I love that it wasn’t until I was getting off the plane last night here in Ontario, that I spoke to someone in French and they responded in French, I said “Merci.” to the English speaking flight attendant and he said “De rien.” back to me. I’ll take it. I love that I was awake enough to drive home from the big city airport, even though it was late and we didn’t get back here until two AM this morning. I love that I was able to get up in time for my morning appointment. I love that I went back to bed and slept late after that. I love that, if I count waking up on the plane before landing last night, it feels like it should be Wednesday, I’ve gotten up so many times. I love my weekend adventure and the memories that were made.

Today I love that we are starting our normal weekend chores late and we’ll be playing catch-up for a day or two yet. I love when regular, routine things change and we have to rethink what we do, because sometimes we figure out what we need to do and what we don’t need to do and sometimes we figure out better ways to do things. I love that grocery shopping is next on the list, that’s always an adventure.  I love that even when we know what we want to eat through the week, shopping trips often change our plans.

Today I love the sunlight streaming in the window before it is time to get up. I love the mornings that just seem like they are here only to deliver the beginning of a pleasant and perfect day. I love when I find that the food on the table is exactly what I was needing. I love that I brought a book with me on the weekend and never once needed to get it out, because there was always something to see or do.

Today I love coffee at home in the comfort of my big old chair.