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Aujourd’hui, j’adore cette belle province

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Aujourd’hui, j’adore cette belle province et la belle ville de Québec. I love the three days we have spent here at the université and sight-seeing in the city itself. I love the age and the endurance of the older architecture of this place and the way it is mixed in with the new. I love the ambiance, the friendliness of the people, and the joyous happiness that I often see in folks on the streets and in the shops and parks. I love that I have had this opportunity to adventure. I love that the team I am here to support is doing pretty well in the swimming events they are entered in, and that they are also enjoying the experience of this fabulous old city. I love that our experiences are all different enough that we are able to share them and enjoy each others descriptions of our experiences. I love that I took advantage of this opportunity to travel and I think I may just continue to pursue adventures. I love that I have made experience my goal.

Today I love that every day on our way to the pool we are greeted by a pair of urban groundhogs on the lawn in front of the université sports complex. I love that they seem rather tame and comfortable with all the people that pass by on the sidewalk just thirty feet from their home, the rural ones I’ve known prefer to be underground if you’re less than half a field away from them. I love that even when they went down their hole as I approached this morning, one of them stuck their head up to watch me pass by just ten or so feet away from him.I love that there is wildlife almost anywhere you go, and this proves it, though these guys don’t seem very wild.

I love that we had a wild evening last night after touring around the older part of town and riding the funicular. I love that we had reservations for the whole team at a restaurant that served mostly rabbit and duck, and that every one of us was adventurous enough to have one of those and some had both. I love that we have seen a lot of wonderful and surprising bits of statuary, and when I say bits, I mean some magnificent pieces that are hidden in surprising corners and and alleys, just peaking out as you walk by or ride by in a cab.

Today I love my mother, and I miss her very much. I love that she instilled in me this spirit of adventure and though it lay dormant for a while, it is her legacy that I am blessed with, her spirit that carries me forward, her heart that beats in my chest, for it did indeed take its first beat while still inside of her and I intend to return it, with a cache of wonderful experiences, to her when next we two meet.

Today I love sipping urban coffee in an urban paper cup as I pass by my new urban groundhog friends for the last time.

Aujourd’hui, j’adore cette belle province

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