Yesterday’s sunset … coffee worthy

Today I love yesterday even though I said that yesterday. In truth, I said I loved it before I had experienced it all and now I have to say that it was better than advertised in a lot of ways. I love that we won at wildlife bingo, ’cause we saw rabbits, robins, cardinals, doves, dogs and a deer. I love that it was warmer out than was forecast. I love that my little city is beautiful at any time of the day or night and that last night when we were out for a walk the sun set just at the most opportune time. I love that I spent the time I planned in the office organizing and straightening up, and it turned out better than I’d hoped and now the office can double as a spare room, though it doesn’t look too fussy and nice to be comfy. I love that we cooked so much food that we will be eating leftovers for over a week. I love that we got all the stuff we wanted from the market and the grocery store. I love that I also had enough time to do some work on the garage mess that needs to be cleaned up and that every time I work on it I feel better about it, even if every time I look at it I despair.

Today I love that it will be a double digit temperature, and when you deal in Celsius degrees that’s pretty important. For those of you in a Fahrenheit world, it is the difference between having a temperature below 50° or above 50°. I love the sensation of the spring sun shining on me while I am outside. I love the feeling that my body is absorbing the raw materials to make needed vitamins. I know that I can get too much, but in the spring, after a winter drought of good sunlight, it feels replenishing and good.

Today I love oatmeal banana pancakes. I love plans to put furniture out on the deck. I love finding early plants popping up out of the earth. I love having too many barbeques and wondering what to do with them. I love that in two months I’ll be cranky when I need to cut the grass, but right now I can’t wait to smell that smell that means spring and summer certainty. I love sea salt chocolate. I love Easter eggs. I love the swelling sensation of seasons changing.

Today I love coffee while contemplating yesterday’s sunset.