chair, coffee

Comfy corner, word!

Today I love winding down from whirlwind weekends. I love the peace there is in my head when I’m walking on the track and listening to music on my MP3 player. I love when little things work out and make the day seem special and like it just can’t go wrong. I love when I creep a friend’s page and their posts are happy and they seem immersed in life and revelling in it. I love the way this world turns, slowly, steadily, never rushing, always right where it is supposed to be. I love that I believe that is the perfect model for progressing through life, moving forward, slowly and steadily. I love that I am doing well with my walking and the light weight work that I do, and that my lungs are so much better now that it is spring. I love that I am starting to wonder if I have allergies to just being inside, ha ha. I love that even when I have problems with something as basic as breathing, I still can laugh about it, ’cause that means I’m not taking myself too seriously. I love that there is nothing really serious about me except my determination to laugh and be joyous.

Today I love the word reciprocity and that I’ve finally figured out why I’ve always thought it was so great. I love it because it describes perfectly how someone who is happy because I’m happy makes me even happier. I love the word cyclical because that happy thing just grows and goes around and around … cyclically. Zang! I love words that sound kind of gross but aren’t, like icterid, which sounds icky, but isn’t. I love words and the way they fill my life with joy, and then help me describe that joy to others. I love talking way too much, and writing helps me get some of that out of my system.

Today I love cake for first breakfast … okay, I had some oatmeal too, but guys, really, cake! Yes!! I love second breakfast after going to the gym. I love spring mornings that seem apologetic for their coolness and yet are so very obviously spring. I love that some years I miss the changing of seasons and suddenly, it seems, it is autumn and I’m promising myself that next year i will not miss this, but this year is that next year, I swear. I love that I have things to do that fit right in with the seasons, plans made, hopes that I will be working on fulfilling, and dreams that I might dream into reality.

Today I love coffee in my big old, comfy chair while I contemplate the words I love so much.