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Today I Love Warm Sweet Saturdays

deck, chair, coffee
A deck with character …

Today I love warm, sweet, Saturday mornings out on the town taking care of getting the usual stuff at the Farmers’ Market and going to the Home and Cottage Expo. I love running into people I know and talking with them about running into people I know and how that could be a good thing or a bad one. I love that I know so many people and that many people know me. I love that our little city is so small that almost every one of us is famous in certain circles. I love that we all have to try to get along, ’cause there’s no place else to turn … ha ha ha. I love Syrian food for lunch, especially when it comes from a seemingly thriving little venture run by a Syrian refugee family, and I love that it is so good too. I love that I am going to take advantage of goods exchange day and hopefully clear out some of the stuff in the garage that we just do not need. I love that somewhere, a poster for a goods exchange day was misspelled and that everyone calls it “good sexchange day” now, because nothing promotes awareness and acceptance like humor does and both goods exchange days acceptance and sex change acceptance are steps in a positive direction for everyone.

Today I love over seeding the lawn with things other than grass seed to enhance its biodiversity and make it more eco-friendly. I love that if some of the neighbors ask me what we’re doing they’ll probably need to have it explained to them. I love the back yard wildlife and the way it mostly just ignores us unless we happen to be out there and then it still is fairly indifferent to us. I love the sunny warm deck, though it’s smaller than my old deck, it has a fair bit of character, especially when I’m on it. I love that I will soon be writing out there in the mornings and maybe even eating breakfast there soon as well.

Today I love breakfast at the market. I love grabbing groceries on the fly. I love boxes of mangoes because, who doesn’t love mangoes by the box full? I love that yesterday’s supper was cooked in the slow-cooker while I ignored it until it was time to eat it. I love yogurt. I love fried leftovers. I love all things plaid. I love dandelions even though they seem to infuriate other people.

Today I love coffee on the deck in the sweet, warm, Saturday sun.

Today I Love Warm Sweet Saturdays

Kelly Babcock

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